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12th Aug 2019

Liquid Football #2 | Fantasy Football, VAR and taking stick from fans

Wayne Farry

Yes, footballers love fantasy football

As football fans, we all play fantasy football, but do players love it as much as we do? Turns out they most definitely do, according to Jonathan Walters and Steve Sidwell, who went into detail about players’ fantasy football habits on the latest episode of Liquid Football, together with Paddy Power.

Alongside that, host Kelly Cates, Walters and Sidwell discussed receiving abuse from supporters and how it affected them – Walters quite enjoyed it actually – and the measures taken by players in modern football to keep themselves safe.

There’s also the not insignificant matter of this week’s Paddy’s Punt, in which Walters and Sidwell are tasked with Facetiming their friends in football, and seeing who will pick up first.