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15th Feb 2016

Lionel Messi’s penalty pass move didn’t actually work as planned

Sneaky Suarez

Kevin Beirne

Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez finally proved themselves to be a better combination than Thierry Henry and Robert Pires on Sunday.

The Barcelona pair combined to score a playground move when Messi simply passed the ball to Suarez straight from a penalty.

But Messi’s fantasy football owners weren’t the only ones left feeling slightly hard done by the Argentine’s seeming selflessness, as Brazilian captain Neymar explained after the match the he was the intended receiver of the pass.

“It was for me, we had practiced it in training,” he said. “Leo and myself had practiced but Luis was closer and he scored it. Our friendship is the most important thing. It doesn’t matter who scores the goals just that we win the games.”

It may have been intended for Neymar, but only someone who has never seen Luis Suarez play football would think the Uruguayan would let a hat-trick opportunity slip away so easily.

And it all worked out in the end, as Neymar still got himself a goal in stoppage time to heap further misery on Celta Vigo.