Lionel Messi's laughable Barca waxwork 'looks closer to Aaron Ramsey' 9 months ago

Lionel Messi's laughable Barca waxwork 'looks closer to Aaron Ramsey'

Have you ever seen a good waxwork?

A waxwork of Lionel Messi has been unveiled at FC Barcelona's club museum. Predictably, it has been ridiculed for a lack of resemblance to the great man.


This seems to be inevitable when athletes, or any celebrities are immortalised in wax, or bronze. Remember the famously terrible Cristiano Ronaldo statue in Madeira? Horrendous. Utterly laughable.

This Messi waxwork is far from the worst, but plenty of people have responded to its unveiling by highlighting that is more closely resembles other footballers, namely Aaron Ramsey and Miralem Pjanić, more than Messi himself. Others have pointed out that it looks more like Messi's famous lookalike. Judge for yourself.


Other tweeters suggested the waxwork looks somewhat like Atletico Madrid goalkeeper Jan Oblak.


Others, however, were militant in their defence of the waxwork.

Messi - the actual person - is looking more and more likely to leave Barcelona at the end of this season. After a summer of trying to depart the club on a free but eventually relenting after the board insisted the matter would have to go to court, Messi will finally be free to join another club on a free transfer in the summer of 2021.


With the club's finances in such dire straights, the interim president recently said he would have sold Messi last summer for the sake of the club's bank balance.

"Economically speaking, I would've sold Messi in the summer window," Carlos Tusquets said.

"Both in terms of what you save on the wage bill as well as the money you make, it would've been desirable. But this is something the coaching staff have to consent to, and that's not my place."