Newport County spell Christian Fuchs as 'F**ks' on Leicester team sheet 1 year ago

Newport County spell Christian Fuchs as 'F**ks' on Leicester team sheet

Some spelling mistakes are easier to ignore than others

There are certain names in football that one can be forgiven for spelling wrong. Wojciech Szczęsny is one of them, as is Jakub Błaszczykowski, a man with such a difficult name for people to spell that he nicknamed simply "Kuba".

Other names aren't so difficult though. Paul Pogba is easy to spell. Cesc Fabregas is easy to spell, as is Denis Bergkamp.

Another name which is really easy to spell is Christian Fuchs. Crucially, it's also the type of name that you probably don't want to spell incorrectly, especially in a certain way.

Unfortunately, his name was spelled very wrong in the worst possible way prior to his Leicester City side's FA Cup third round tie with Newport County on Sunday.

Prior to kick-off, the home side handed out both theirs and the Foxes' teams to journalists in attendance and while Ricardo Pereira's name was spelled wrong, Fuchs' was spelled spectacularly wrong.

On the sheet, the Austrian defender's name was spelled "Fucks" - which is such a perfect misspelling that in truth we are almost inclined to believe that it was done so intentionally.

We're sure that he won't mind either way though because, as his fashion range and catchphrase states, there are "No Fuchs/Fucks Given".