Leeds United's new kit is all kinds of tasty 5 years ago

Leeds United's new kit is all kinds of tasty

They might not have been a top-flight team in over a decade, but Leeds United still know how to make headlines.

There was a time when Leeds were the champions of England. Hell, the Yorkshire side were playing a Champions League semi-final as recently as 2001.


But nowadays they're more likely to find themselves in the headlines for the antics of their controversial owner, Massimo Cellino. When he's not banning Sky Sports from Elland Road, the Italian can be found slapping a pie tax (which has since been scrapped) on any supporter loyal enough to have stuck by the club for this long.

So it must be nice for any Leeds fans to see their side in the news for positive reasons, even if it's something as ultimately meaningless as having a nice new kit.

And, in fairness, it's pretty nifty looking.


Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 18.00.44

We're not quite sure where to start here. Just look at that collar. That's how you pull off a collar on a football shirt. The sleeves are the right length and tight at the ends to give us all the false impression of bulging biceps.


And what's more, this is one of the situations where a sponsor has sacrificed its regular logo to help it blend more naturally into the jersey, and we applaud that.

The only problem is that it could be a little see-through in the rain/once the sweating begins.

And the goalkeeper strip isn't bad either, with even the club's logo committing to blending in with the overall colour scheme.

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 17.59.59


The away strip, meanwhile, stays true to Leeds' blue and yellow alternate colours.

And for the first time in a long time, the Leeds fans allowed themselves to be happy with something the club had done.


Even if the players didn't exactly look thrilled to be modelling it...

Still, there's always one...

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