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20th Feb 2019

Leeds United unveil new centenary club crest

Leeds United have unveiled a new club crest to mark the club's 100 year anniversary, and thankfully it's a lot nicer than their last attempt

Reuben Pinder

It’s much better than their last attempt

Cast your mind back a year and a bit, and you may remember Leeds United unveiling a new club crest. Having spent six months consulting 10,000 fans, the club had put together a badge so bad, it prompted a petition to bin it, which amassed 40,000 signatures.

And understandably so. It was fucking horrible.

Now, Leeds have ‘unveiled’ a new badge to mark their 100th anniversary. The centenary badge, you will be relieved to hear, is much less offensive on the eye. With just a slight modification to the current badge, Leeds have made it gold and added a sort of ribbon below, spelling out ‘100 years’ to mark the anniversary.

The new badge has not been given a lavish unveiling by the club, but was included in a graphic advertising season tickets for next season, which you’ll imagine will be in high demand given the season they’re having.

It’s likely that we’ll see this badge in the Premier League, as Leeds push for their first return to the top flight since relegation in 2004. They currently sit third in the Championship, just two points behind league leaders Norwich and level on points with Yorkshire rivals Sheffield United.