Lazio suspend falconer after video emerges of him cheering Mussolini 1 month ago

Lazio suspend falconer after video emerges of him cheering Mussolini

The club have issued a statement confirming his suspension

Lazio have suspended falconer Juan Berbabe after a video emerged of him cheering in support of Italian dictator Benito Mussolini last weekend. He is also alleged to have performed a Nazi salute.


Berbabe is responsible for flying the club's eagle mascot around the Stadio Olympico on match days, but has been forced to step down, with the possibility of the club terminating their contract with the company who provide his services.

In the contentious video, he is seen chanting "Duce, duce," Mussolini's nickname.

Warning: The video below contains extremely offensive content.

Lazio's ultra fan group have a well established reputation for holding far-right political views and chanting racist slogans in the stands.


Mussolini's great grandson, Romano Floriani Mussolini is currently part of Lazio's youth set-up.

A club statement reads:

"In recent weeks, the Lazio Sports Society has sent a letter to suppliers to remind them to respect the Code of Ethics in force and in particular to conduct fully respectful of the principles that have always inspired the company's activities, both in the sports field and in the ordinary relationships.

"Particular attention has always been placed on the absolute prohibition of proceeding with discriminatory actions and behaviour of any kind under all the profiles protected by art. 3 of the Constitution.

"Therefore, having learned of the existence of the video that portrays Juan Bernabe (not licensed and an employee of a company outside Lazio) in attitudes that offend the company, the fans and the values to which the community is inspired, measures have been taken towards the company aimed at the immediate suspension from the service of the person concerned and the possible termination of existing contracts."