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07th Nov 2018

Kylian Mbappé staggering list of demands in Paris Saint-Germain negotiations included a private jet

The 19-year-old striker is one of the best paid players in world football, but his demands during negotiations with PSG went far beyond his salary

Reuben Pinder

Kylian Mbappé knows exactly how good he is

Having grown up on the streets of Bondy, a poor district on the outskirts of Paris, Kylian Mbappé is a true example of a rags to riches story. With his exceptional talent, he has risen to the very top, winning two league titles and a World Cup before his 20th birthday.

He is often portrayed as a humble, down to earth character, as he may well be. But football is football and money is money.

Leaked documents from the whistle-blowing organisation Football Leaks, published as part of a collaborative investigation carried out by Der Spiegel and their European cooperatives in European Investigations Collaboration (EIC) would suggest that Mbappé and his father are on a mission to maximise their financial exploits from Mbappé’s career.

Fair enough, it’s a short career, you might think. All footballers want to earn as much as possible, just as the rest of us do in our chosen line of work. But some of Mbappé’s demands during negotiations with Paris Saint-Germain stray into what could be labelled as ridiculous.

After the staggering €180 million fee was agreed between AS Monaco and PSG for the transfer of the player, with an initial ‘one year loan’, Mbappé and his father Wilfrid met with PSG Sporting Director Antero Henrique to talk money.

Both parties agreed on a signing on fee of €5m and a €50m salary over the course of five years. But Mbappé and his father were not ready to shake hands at that point.

As reported in Der Spiegel, their list of extra demands began with an automatic pay rise that would make him the best paid player in France, overtaking Neymar, if he won the Ballon d’Or. PSG denied their request.

They also wanted PSG to make a private jet available to him for 50 hours per year, this request was also refused.

The club did agree, however, to give Mbappé a €30,000 monthly allowance to pay his personal staff: a bodyguard, a chauffeur and a caretaker.

Mbappé’s family also expressed concerns about the possibility of PSG being sanctioned for breaking Financial Fair Play regulations, having just signed Neymar from Barcelona for a world record €220m fee. They asked for compensation if PSG were banned from the Champions League, a punishment reserved for the most severe of FFP breaches.

On top of this, Wilfrid Mbappé also requested access to PSG’s training sessions and for permission to carry out extra one to one sessions with his son at the club’s training facility.

Paris Saint-Germain’s president Al-Khelaifi has responded to the reported leaks, labelling them “complete rubbish”.

PSG also issued a forthright denial of all the allegations in a statement that read: “Paris Saint-Germain has always acted in full compliance with the laws and regulations enacted by sports institutions. The club has always strictly complied with all applicable laws and regulations and firmly denies the allegations published today by Mediapart. The QTA contract figure has been known to UEFA and to the general public since 2014.”

The club’s full statement can be read here.