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29th May 2022

Toni Kroos storms away from interview after ‘s*** questions’

Kroos was unhappy with questions which followed Real Madrid’s Champions League win

Having just bagged himself a fifth Champions League winners’ medal, Toni Kroos was on cloud nine.

He and his Real Madrid teammates, after a frankly ridiculous run to the final, had edged out Liverpool by a single Vinicius Jnr goal to clinch victory in Paris – the club’s 14th European crown.

Nothing could dampen his mood. Nothing at all.

Except, maybe, a couple of questions from a German reporter.

Kroos storms away from interview

Speaking to ZDF before the trophy lift, it was put to Kroos that, despite their victory, Liverpool had put Carlo Ancelotti’s men under cosh throughout the game.

This was a fair point: Liverpool had managed 24 shots throughout the game compared to Real’s four but had found Thibaut Courtois in inspired form to keep them at bay.

Kroos, though, wasn’t too pleased with the negative focus of the questions, not when they’d just won the biggest prize in club football.

“You had 90 minutes and you come up with two s*** questions,” he said, shaking his head. “Two negative questions, you can tell right away that you’re German.”

Despite attempts to continue the interview, Kroos had had enough, and walked away.

Courtois on lack of respect in England

Courtois also appeared used a post-match interview with BT Sport to call out the English media. The former Chelsea goalkeeper claimed he was not respected in England and believed his outstanding display against Liverpool showed why that should not be the case.

“Back in England, I don’t get enough respect… so, well, I showed it today. I wanted to put some respect on my name there,” he said.

“Today I needed to win a final for my career, for all the hard work, to put some respect on my name, because I don’t think I get enough respect. Especially in England.”

Final delayed due to trouble outside the stadium

The final’s kick-off was delayed due to chaotic scenes outside the Stade de France, where fans were denied access to the stadium before police used pepper spray on them.

Liverpool have since demanded an investigation into what occurred, with UEFA appearing to place the blame on fans trying to access the stadium with fake tickets.

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