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17th Apr 2017

Kolo Toure hangs head as he mishears question and reveals favourite singer

This is just fantastic

Darragh Murphy

Kolo Toure is the gift that just keeps on giving.

We football fans ought to cherish every waking moment of Toure brilliance because there will be a time – and we shudder to think of it – when the Ivorian retires.

A horrifying thought, we know!

But, for now, Toure continues to provide absolute GOLD and the latest chunk arrived in a Celtic press conference when the fan favourite was asked which of the several supporter songs about the defender was his favourite.

But, unfortunately, Toure misheard the reporter’s question and thought he was being asked to reveal his favourite singer.

“Don’t laugh, okay?” Toure started. “But I like Whitney Houston.”

While the journalists fell into a fit of laughter, Toure was informed that there was actually no need for him to have announced his guilty pleasure to the gathered press.

The defender hung his head, embarrassed, before he gave the expected answer to his favourite fan song which is the sublime effort below.

And while Toure regretted the revelation of his Houston-mania, he’s not the only member of his family who loves himself a bit of ‘Run to You’.

When at Manchester City, Toure threw his younger brother under the bus by announcing that Yaya likes Celine Dion and Whitney Houston.