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13th Dec 2016

Justin Bieber gives away his secret love for Laurent Koscielny

Bieber is a Gooner.

Tom Victor

Every club has their high-profile fans, but Arsenal’s seem to be higher-profile than many.

The London club ‘boasts’ Piers Morgan as a celebrity supporter, while the likes of Colin Firth, Idris Elba and Matt Lucas are also famous Gooners.

But few are more bigger right now than Justin Bieber, and the singer might well be the most prominent Canadian to be associated with Arsenal since that time they were linked with Junior Hoilett in 2012.

(Don’t be going claiming Bieber’s a bigger star than Hoilett, we know you’re better than that).

We should have worked out that he was a fan when he added a superfluous umlaut to the title of ‘Where Are Ü Now’, around the same time a certain German began to find his feet at the Emirates Stadium.

But Mesut Özil isn’t Bieber’s favourite Gunners player – at least not according to the choice of number on his replica shirt.

Bieber doesn’t play by your or anyone else’s rules, which is why he clearly considers himself too cool to be labelled a full kit w***er.

And as for the shirt choice? Either he sees himself as a ball-playing centre-back, or he’s a big Laurent Koscielny fan, or indeed both.

There is, of course, every chance JB6 (as we’ll now be calling him) was an Arsenal supporter long before the French centre-back arrived in North London, so maybe it’s an ode to one of Koscielny’s predecessors.

Perhaps he’s a Philippe Senderos fan. Or a Tony Adams enthusiast. Maybe his love for the club stems from the invincibles era, where they didn’t have a number six, and he has always imagined himself fulfilling that role.

Still, judging by the title of his single from earlier this year we’re surprised he wasn’t donning the blue of Manchester City with the number four on the back.

Maybe that one was in the wash.

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