Jurgen Klopp's reaction to Leicester defeat was as bleak as you'd expect 1 year ago

Jurgen Klopp's reaction to Leicester defeat was as bleak as you'd expect

You thought Leicester City were having a bad 2017...

The Premier League title holders are languishing in the relegation zone, have just sacked the manager who led them to their greatest ever triumph and up until Monday night, they had yet to score a league goal this year.

Despite all this, they managed to bang three past Liverpool at home to defeat the Reds 3-1. Although their 2017 is by no means saved yet, the result means they are arguably having a better year than Liverpool... by the slightest of margins.

To be fair, that wouldn't be particularly difficult.


Unsurprisingly, Jurgen Klopp was not in flying form after the final whistle. His reaction spoke volumes of the team's performance. Not even Philippe Coutinho's consolation goal was enough of a positive to discuss.

"It looked like we had never spoken about the strength of Leicester and that’s a problem . That’s a real problem. I spoke already in the dressing room a little bit - that’s not enough, for sure. Not even close to being enough."

Klopp continued to slate his team's performance, each sentence more bleak than the last.

"We have to work obviously and to try with everything we have to do it better next time, but it’s really hard to see what we would usually be able to do and then see this performance."

"From the first second, it was not enough. Not good in offence, not good in defence."