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26th Sep 2017

Jurgen Klopp stunned and pissed off by reporter’s question during farcical press conference

"I really don't understand the business anymore"

Robert Redmond

“I really don’t understand the business anymore.”

Jurgen Klopp is one of the most media friendly managers in the Premier League. However, even the Liverpool manager has a breaking point, and he appeared to reach it on Monday evening.

Klopp is in Russia for Liverpool’s Champions League game against Spartak Moscow, and had to attend a press conference just after arriving in the country.

According to James Pearce, of the Liverpool Echo, Klopp was subjected to some bizarre questions that would test the composure of most managers.

During a match in the Russian top-flight last weekend, one Spartak player was tackled by five Anzhi players. Klopp was asked for thoughts on this, which is exactly what you want to speak about the day before a Champions League game and after a four hour flight.

“I’m not here to judge their game, we just analyse them to see what we can do. We won’t be going with five on one. I can promise that,” Klopp answered.

The German was also cut off by his Russian translator and the event was as messy as Liverpool’s attempts to defend a corner this season.

However, the worst was yet to come for Klopp. The final question of the press conference went to a Sky Sports reporter. Referencing Mauricio Pochettino’s comments about being in “love” Harry Kane, the reporter asked Klopp if he loves any of his Liverpool players.

The Liverpool manager was stunned that he was being asked such a question in a press conference for an important game.

“I am really impressed that we’re in a Champions League press conference and we’re talking about things like this,” Klopp said, definitely not impressed that he was being asked such a question in a press conference for a Champions League game.

When the translator started to recount Klopp’s answer in Russian, the Liverpool manager stopped her in mid-sentence.

“It’s not important,” he said.

“The question and my answer were not important for Russia it was just an English thing. Pochettino loves Kane and who do I love, that’s the question. A waste of time.”

You can watch Klopp here:

It’s reminiscent of the time Sir Alex Ferguson was asked by a Sky reporter for his thoughts on the Ryder Cup.

The former Manchester United manager reminded the reporter that they were at a press conference for “a bloody football match.”