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01st Feb 2016

Jurgen Klopp has an unusual warning for Pep Guardiola as he readies himself for English football

Didn't see that coming

Evan Fanning

Jurgen Klopp knows what it’s like to swap the Bundesliga for the Premier League.

The former Dortmund manager might be new to these shores but he’s wasted no time in getting acclimatised to the UK.

Ahead of Liverpool’s trip to Leicester on Tuesday, Klopp was asked what Pep Guardiola can expect from English football, now that it has been confirmed that the Bayern Munich manager will take charge at Manchester City next season.

So what enduring traits of the English game will Pep find hardest to deal with, according to his former Bundesliga rival?

The hard-tackling? The refusal of the lower teams to roll over for the big boys? Fixture congestion?

No, it’s something much more basic – the wind.

We can only assume that Klopp was joking. If the wind really is as strong and dynamic as the Liverpool boss says you’d think he’d start it up front.