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People are calling for Klopp to be banned for screaming in the fourth official's face
He's also shed some light on what exactly he shouted.

Jürgen Klopp is famous for being more than a little animated on the touchline – it's one of the reasons he's a pretty popular guy among Premier League fans and beloved by the Liverpool faithful.

Fans love seeing a bit of passion from their manager, but some think Klopp went too far tonight after he was caught screaming in the face of fourth official Neil Swarbrick after Simon Mignolet kept out Diego Costa's 80th minute penalty.

It was a save that earned Liverpool a point and Klopp was obviously very fired up, but some fans on Twitter really weren't impressed with Klopp's antics, and feel he deserves a ban.

Here's a video of the incident:

Obviously it didn't take long for fans of other clubs to suggest that if it were their manager who did the shouting, they'd be straight in front of the FA for a charge.


Liverpool fans, meanwhile, didn't quite see it the same way, and were loving Klopp's passion on the sideline.


Klopp said after the game that he apologised to the official, and that what he'd shouted in his face was: "Nobody can beat us!"

And apparently the official responded to him: "Don't worry, I like your passion."

We'll have to wait and see if Klopp's outburst warrants any action from the powers that be, but with Liverpool still trying to cling on in the title race, it would definitely be a massive blow for them to lose their boss from the touchline.

Just ask Arsenal fans.

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