Jurgen Klopp concerned Brendan Rodgers wants to move in with him 3 years ago

Jurgen Klopp concerned Brendan Rodgers wants to move in with him

Jurgen Klopp is happy to see the return of Brendan Rodgers to the Premier League, but only on one condition - he doesn't move in

Brendan Rodgers has now been confirmed as the new Leicester City manager, taking over from Claude Puel, the only French person alive possessing less charisma than a day-old baguette left on the kitchen counter.


As you'd expect from Klopp by now, he had a typically exuberant reaction to the news that a former Liverpool manager would be returning to manage in the Premier League. And again, as you would expect from Klopp by now, it was quite an unusual take. In fact, you could say it was an almost entirely unique one.

At a press conference ahead of Liverpool's difficult match against Watford on Wednesday, the smiley German with a penchant for distorting his face into a kind of scrunched up paper ball of rage responded to the move: "As long as he's not going to Everton I'm fine. Because if he goes to Everton then he wants his house back!"

Er, Jurgen, I don't think that would be the main sticking point if he were to join Everton...


Anyway, as you may or may not know, Klopp does in fact live in Rodgers' former home in Liverpool and is clearly quite concerned about becoming bunk buddies with the Northern Irishman.

"I don't think Leicester is close enough to move to Liverpool again," Klopp added, as he attempted to mentally calculate the approximate distance between his house and the East Midlands along with multiplying petrol price by estimated consumption, just to further rule out commuting as a temporary cost-saving measure for Rodgers.

Satisfied that he wouldn't be greeted by the sight of Brendan Rodgers waiting on his drive dragging a suitcase behind him later that evening, giving it a "Hey buddie, mind if I stop a few nights? It is my house, after all...", Klopp went on to discuss the more important matter of Roberto Firmino's injury.

But even so, you could see it in his eyes. The fear was real, if only for a moment or two.