Julian Nagelsmann admits to wearing makeup during Bundesliga opener 2 years ago

Julian Nagelsmann admits to wearing makeup during Bundesliga opener

Look up the term "meteoric rise" in the dictionary and you'll likely see a picture of Julian Nagelsmann

That is of course not true, you'll see the words that the phrase is used "convey that it has been swift and spectacular", despite the fact that meteors fall, rather than rise. Nonetheless, Julien Nagelsmann has had a very interesting and successful career to date.

At the ripe old age of just 31, the Bavarian-native has already become the youngest Bundesliga manager in history, when he took over as coach of TSG 1899 Hoffenheim in 2016.

Earlier this year it was revealed that he would take over at Red Bull Leipzig for the 2019/20 season on a four-year contract, having been linked with a move to Bayern Munich.

His Hoffenheim side faced Bayern on Friday in their opening game of the Bundesliga season, and viewers couldn't help but notice something slightly different in Nagelsmann's appearance.

Aside from the haircut, Nagelsmann's skin itself looked a different tone, as well as his eyebrows, and the manager later admitted that he was in fact wearing make up during the match.

Speaking to Bild, Nagelsmann said: "Women are always allowed to make chic. So I thought that you can do it as a man too. I tried it. I hope it was reasonably successful."