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09th Nov 2015

Irish journalist may have gone too far with these insensitive comments about Liverpool fans

Kop that

Mikey Stafford

Ian O’Doherty started by talking about poppies but ended up pissing off an entire city.

The Irish Independent columnist appeared on Irish radio station Newstalk and, in the process of discussing his own views on the wearing of poppies, he wandered into another realm.

Dismissing the poppy as an example of the “increased mawkishness of British society” O’Doherty specifically referenced Liverpool, which went down like a lead balloon with Reds fans.

“It seems you cannot go to a match in England now without there being a minute’s silence for the grandson of the tea lady who used to work in the stadium and now she’s feeling a bit poorly.

“I mean the joke is on Liverpool because they seem to go through so many commemorations of disasters and deaths that they should have just had a black armband just as part of their regulation kit.”

Here’s hoping O’Doherty donned his tin hat upon leaving the studio. Especially after admitting on air he is a Manchester United fan.