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08th May 2019

Jose Mourinho really enjoyed rubbing the salt into Barcelona wounds after Liverpool defeat

Wayne Farry


Mourinho doesn’t like Barcelona

Jose Mourinho’s relationship with Barcelona goes back decades to when he was the translator for the then-Barcelona manager, the late Bobby Robson.

Some say that Mourinho desperately wanted the Barcelona job before they ultimately hired Pep Guardiola, and that it was this bitterness that drove the fire within him during his acrimonious time in charge of rivals Real Madrid.

He’s no longer the manager of any team, but Mourinho’s disdain for Barca shone through during his analysis of the Catalan’s defeat to another team he doesn’t have much love for: Liverpool.

Discussing Barca’s defending, and their defending for Liverpool’s fourth in particular, he was scathing of the mentality of the group to switch off so easily when Liverpool’s right-back Trent Alexander-Arnold and his teammate, forward Divock Origi, was so alert.

“That fourth goal, if you see that in an under-14 or under-15 match you would say the kids have no mentality to play football,” he said.

“To concede that goal really shows you a state of mind!

“How to justify that is very difficult. I’d like to see Valverde explain that.”

It’s hard to disagree with Mourinho’s assessment, despite his obvious anti-Barcelona bias. Their defending was as poor as Liverpool’s attack was ingenious. One day soon they will learn not to let their guard down in Europe, but Tuesday was not that day.