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30th Oct 2015

Jose Mourinho claims Chelsea will still be a “big club” even if they miss Champions League

He's offering no guarantees.

Simon Lloyd

With Chelsea 15th in the Premier League and facing a battle to even reach the top four, it doesn’t take a genius to realise that defeat against Liverpool could spell the end of Jose Mourinho’s second spell at Stamford Bridge.

Speaking from Chelsea’s Cobham training ground, Mourinho has claimed that a club is never guaranteed a spot in the top four, regardless of their stature in the game.

Citing the recent examples of Manchester United and Saturday’s opponents Liverpool, the Portuguese manager also made it clear that failing to qualify for the Champions League in one season shouldn’t have an impact on a club’s standing in the game.


“Last season Liverpool won nothing and didn’t qualify for the Champions League, and they are still a big club,” he declared.

“Two years ago United didn’t qualify for the Champions League, not even the Europa League, won nothing, and they are still a monster club. That is football.”

Mourinho declined to comment on whether or not he had spoken to Roman Abramovich ahead of the Liverpool game, and failed to give assurances that he could steer Chelsea to a top four finish.

“I cannot promise,” he replied.