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19th Jul 2018

Jorginho makes bold claim about Premier League ahead of upcoming season

Has he forgotten that Fernandinho exists?

Reuben Pinder

His signing has Chelsea fans very excited

After a disappointing 2017/18 season that saw Chelsea miss out on Champions League football, their fans have reason to be excited for a new era, even if two of their best players do leave.

The arrival of Maurizio Sarri – and with him, Jorginho – from Napoli, as well as club legend Gianfranco Zola returning as assistant manager, and one would presume translator, give Chelsea fans hope that they will be entertained this season.

Jorginho has promised Chelsea fans of that, as he hopes to give them something unfamilar to Premier League fans, citing his unique style of play as something not seen often in England.

“Today everyone watches the Premier League so I have watched plenty of it in my time. It is a fantastic league, the best in the world I think,” Jorginho said on the Chelsea website.

“Perhaps my style of play is not something that is seen in England”

“I really hope that it is a good fit for the game over here and I will certainly be doing everything I can to make sure it works out.

To claim that his style of play is not seen in England a lot may be slightly underestimating the level of football that was played last season by Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City, but he is right in the sense that there are few midfielders quite as good as Jorginho in the league.

“I like playing just outside of my own penalty box, the player who receives the ball and organises the game.”

The Italy international continued:

“Since I was little I was someone who always enjoyed challenges and for me this is just a huge challenge, professionally and personally.

“It really inspires me, this opportunity to really have an experience and I am really excited about that opportunity.”

The former Napoli playmaker spoke very highly of Sarri, who came into top management late on but has risen quickly to the top of the game.

“He is someone who does wonderful work, he is right on top of everything that is going on on the pitch,” he said.

When the weekend comes around and you have a game, you start that game knowing how every situation is going to pan out on the field offensively and defensively, and that is something that really helps you in your work.

“He is a very straightforward person, he is easy to communicate with, he is very approachable and that is something that also helps the players.”