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03rd Jul 2018

Jordan Pickford made one of the great World Cup saves and no one even noticed

Take a bow, Jordan Pickford

Wayne Farry

jordan pickford

What a game

At this stage you know that England are through to the quarter-finals of the World Cup.

They defeated Colombia on penalties, with Kieran Trippier scoring the crucial spot kick after his initial mistake allowed Colombia back into the game.

That goal came courtesy of a Yerry Mina header, with the Colombia centre-back getting on the end of a corner to head into the ground and into the net courtesy of Trippier’s head.

What wasn’t noticed though was what caused that corner.

It wasn’t a clearance, a block or anything even resembling that. It was one of the great World Cup saves and it came courtesy of Jordan Pickford.

From a bit of head tennis the ball fell to Colombia’s Uribe, who threw his leg at it and struck it perfectly. The ball flew through the air at a ludicrous speed and looked destined for the postage stamp of the goal.

Instead, Pickford – looking off balance if anything – took a step back and launched himself into the air off his left leg.

Once there, he used every piece of strength in his body to stick his left arm out. That left arm was connected to a left hand, which in turn was connected to a set of fingers. Those fingers touched the ball – just about – and sent the ball wide of the post.

Did the save lead to a goal? Inadvertently, yes. But it was also one of the best saves this competition has ever seen.

jordan pickford

jordan pickford

jordan pickford

jordan pickford