Jordan Henderson makes fantastic donation to Fans Supporting Foodbanks 4 years ago

Jordan Henderson makes fantastic donation to Fans Supporting Foodbanks

Here's to you, Jordan Henderson.

Tribalism is a big part of football, it is essentially the basis of the sport, but every now and then we are reminded that through football, people who would normally be on opposing sides can come together for a good cause.


That's exactly what Fans Supporting Foodbanks have done. Putting club rivalries aside, the organisation was founded by one Everton fan, Dave, and one Liverpool fan, Ian. They seek to help those struggling financially to cover the cost of food.

At the most wonderful - and expensive - time of the year, their generosity is needed more than ever. That's why Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson has decided to lend a hand.


Henderson wrote a heartwarming letter to the Ian and Dave, thanking them for their selfless hard work and acknowledging that: "it's heartbreaking to think that in 2017 families in our society, through no fault of their own, are put into a position where finding finance to cover the cost of food is so difficult."

He has donated one of his signed, match-worn shirts to the organisation, in the hope that money raised by auctioning it off will help make a difference to the families in need, whom Fans Supporting Foodbanks support.

Henderson is right to lament the fact that this sort of service is necessary in 2017, but it is the unfortunate reality. And it's reassuring to see Premier League footballers engaging in such a cause.