Jordan Henderson tells crew member that his wife has gone into labour 3 years ago

Jordan Henderson tells crew member that his wife has gone into labour

The only logical thing to do is to name the baby Jordan, right?

A Liverpool video shoot was interrupted recently when club captain Jordan Henderson had the task of breaking some pretty important news to a member of the production crew.


As part of a game in which Henderson and teammate Trent Alexander-Arnold had to answer questions about one another, the former was forced to wear headphones so that he couldn't hear Alexander-Arnold speaking.

Music was playing on the phone which sat in Henderson's lap before a big message arrived.

The midfielder politely put his hand up like a nervous schoolboy and made an amazing revelation.

"Whose phone is this?" Henderson asks before someone behind the camera claims it as his own. "Is your missus pregnant?


"I think you might want to get that. I think you need to go."

Ever the professional but probably in the doghouse now, the soon-to-be dad claimed that he'd be fine to finish the shoot.

"She'll be alright for 20 minutes," Lee insisted, much to the amusement of Henderson and Alexander-Arnold.

You can watch the full episode of Bezzies below to learn who the Reds players would not want to get stuck in a lift with, their worst habit and their favourite musician.

The labour revelation takes place around two minutes in.