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07th May 2023

Jordan Henderson called ‘traitor’ for singing national anthem

Callum Boyle

A large number of Liverpool fans booed the national anthem

Some Liverpool fans have criticised Jordan Henderson after he was filmed singing the national anthem: ‘God Save the King’.

Clubs around the country played the national anthem to mark the coronation of Charles III on Saturday however many in the crowd at Anfield opted to boo as a form of protest.

The two other English players in the squad, Trent Alexander-Arnold and Curtis Jones, remained straight-faced throughout but Henderson chose to do the opposite.

Liverpool as a fanbase and city have made their feelings on the monarchy strongly known in recent years and have previously booed the national anthem at events such as the Carabao and FA Cup finals.

Henderson’s decision to sing the anthem left a sour taste in the mouth of some, with sections of the support even calling for the England international to leave the club.

“Jordan Henderson could already F**k Off but he can extra F**k Off for singing the national anthem earlier,” wrote one person.

A second said: “Jordan Henderson being from the poorest city in England and singing the national anthem to commemorate Charles today is insanity.”

Another tweeted: “Jordan Henderson let the city down by singing the Anthem. They zoomed in on Trent and his lips were sealed. Proper scouser and red.”

While many were angry, others also showed sympathy to Henderson and defended the midfielder.

“Not comfortable with the pile on Jordan Henderson is getting for singing the national anthem. Just as fans didn’t want to be pressurised into singing the anthem against their principles, shouldn’t he also be allowed to follow his principles rather than be pressurised?” said one user.

“Jordan Henderson had as much right to sing the national anthem as Trent had to not, a second tweeted.

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