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23rd Sep 2017

John Stones and Gary Cahill involved in strange social media mix-up




The now obligatory Premier League post-game social media update can very easily wrong for the player.

Who can forget when Joleon Lescott tweeted an image of a Mercedes sports car after Aston Villa lost 6-0 on the way to being relegated in 2016?

Luckily, Lescott cleared the whole issue up, explaining how the image was sent accidentally sent while he was driving and his phone was in his pocket.

Then there was the time Victor Anichebe copied and pasted a message from Sunderland’s social media team, and forgot to omit the first part of the message.

Like the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the Moon landing and the fall of the Berlin Wall, these events have been seminal moments in recent history. Who can forget where they were when they discovered Lescott had tweeted an image of a sports car?

Or when Christian Benteke made a similar mistake to Anichebe?

Another Premier League social media mix-up occurred on Saturday. John Stones’ Instagram posted an image celebrating a victory, but it wasn’t honouring Manchester City’s 5-0 victory over Crystal Palace.

Stones’ account featured a congratulations message to Alvaro Morata, who scored a hat-trick, and Chelsea, alongside an image of Antonio Conte’s side celebrating during their 4-0 win over Stoke City.


The post was soon deleted. It turns out Stones’ social accounts and the social media accounts of Chelsea defender Gary Cahill are managed by the same public relations company and the post had been meant for Cahill’s account.