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04th Jul 2017

JOE’s Transfer Digest – Manchester United fans angry at club’s failure to sign new sponsors this summer

The lack of sponsor signings has left many fans openly questioning Manchester United's corporate ambitions

Wayne Farry

Welcome to JOE’s Transfer Digest, a special place for football fans and transfer rumours to come together and get to know each other.

Today’s edition comes with an extra dollop of speculation, as the rumour mill cranks into overdrive.

Man Utd fans disappointed at inaction

Having stormed out of the blocks earlier this summer with the signing of Victor Lindelof, Manchester United fans have taken to a host of media outlets to complain about the club’s inaction in signing any new sponsors this summer.

Supporters were said to be especially concerned about the prospect of falling behind their rivals, many of which have tied up a host of new sponsorship deals prior to the transfer window.

“There was a lot of hot air about us doing business this summer but nothing has materialised,” said one man on one of the club’s fan channels. “It doesn’t need to be some well-known international sponsor like Chevrolet, or even Gulf Oil, even a relatively young, domestic company would be welcome. We’re not saying this for the sake of it. We’re just concerned about our club.”

“We’ve already got some great sponsors here in Nissin, AON and Mr. Potato, but we need to top class reinforcements if we’re really going to compete commercially,” added another fan.

The mood of supporters had reportedly worsened this morning with the news that all of Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester City had signed deals to secure official mop sponsors in South America.

Previously unwilling to accept such a reality, many are now beginning to openly question the club’s corporate ambitions.

West Ham willing to settle

West Ham United were today linked with a move for former Manchester United man Chicharito Hernandez, who currently plays for Bayer Leverkusen in the Bundesliga.

The club have insisted they will go all out for the player but have stressed that, in line with their overall transfer policy, they would be willing to overpay for someone much, much worse.

“We are in the business of signing players, and while we would adore to take Chicharito on board, we are aware that he is a highly-coveted player,” said club co-chairman David Gold today. “As such, we are of course open to the possibility of paying significantly over the odds for someone who will score an average of one goal every 20 games and eventually be sold at a loss.”

Carvalho keen to leave transfer limbo

Arsenal have been linked with a double move for Portugal midfielders Gelson Martins and William Carvalho.

The two Sporting Lisbon players are said to be keen on the deal, with Carvalho especially excited to finally be freed after more than three years in transfer limbo.

Speaking yesterday, the 25-year-old said that he wanted nothing more than to be allowed leave the place believed to be located somewhere between the plains of life and death, where he claims the sun never rises nor sets.

“Arsenal are a very attractive prospect, even outside of the Champions League. And of course, I am willing to accept any offer that frees me from this hellscape between the living and the dead,” said the centre-midfielder today. “Had I known I would be mercilessly tortured by demons until my day of reckoning, I would probably have accepted the last transfer offer I received.”

And finally…

Everton have announced their intention to go all out to sign at least part of Wayne Rooney.

The Merseyside club have enjoyed the most fruitful transfer window of any Premier League side, and their manager Ronald Koeman admitted today that while Rooney’s high wages remain a sticking point, he and his management team are keen to acquire some part of the England international’s body.

“Wayne has had a great career and he could teach our young players a lot. Given his price tag and wage demands we are currently looking at just getting one of his feet – hopefully his right one – which we think will be a great motivation to our young stars,” he said.