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18th Jul 2017

JOE’s Transfer Digest – Man Utd fan starting to believe Lukaku isn’t a fraud after goal in pre-season friendly

The fan expects Lukaku will be delighted to finally start proving him wrong

Wayne Farry

Welcome to JOE’s Transfer Digest, a social club of sorts for rumours to congregate and socialise before being devoured by the wider public.

Today sees a host of organic and farm-fresh rumours ready for your enjoyment, so please sit down and your waiter will be with you soon.

Lukaku starting to change opinions

Romelu Lukaku has been the target of question marks over his credentials since joining Manchester United from Everton, with some questioning his ability to deal with the step up in quality.

The Belgian striker will, however, be delighted to learn that his goal in last night’s pre-season friendly against Real Salt Lake has convinced one Manchester United fan that he might not be a fraud after all.

“I had my doubts, I have to say. Lukaku has scored lots of goals in his career but never in the big games,” said Reds fan Norman Dinghy. “But every game is big when you’re a Manchester United player, and he scored in this one. Maybe I was wrong about him after all.”

Lukaku, for his part, spoke with pride about being able to convince fans that a player who has scored more than 140 club goals before the age of 25 is actually good.

“I always believe in myself, as a footballer you must. But we all have insecurities, especially when people on Twitter doubt you. I hope this goal proves I am not a fraud and that everyone on the social media platform will soon agree.”

Pep makes £2.5m bid to never have to look at Bravo again

Manchester City have been busy in the transfer window so far, with the signings of goalkeeper Ederson, right-back Kyle Walker and winger Bernardo Silva, and it looks like they’ll be making another addition as Pep Guardiola looks to bid £2.5 million to never have to look at Claudio Bravo again.

The transfer, which sources at the club say is coming in the guise of Napoli goalkeeper Pepe Reina, will permit the Catalan coach to never have to speak to, look at, or be in the same room as the Chilean he purchased from Barcelona a year ago.

“Pep has a lot of areas of the squad he wants to improve. He still wants a left-back and possibly a midfielder, but by far the most important area is the one which Bravo regularly inhabits in the dressing room,” said a club source.

“Pep is focused on this area and particularly on the aim of removing Bravo from it entirely, forever. He’s confident the signing of Reina will help him do that.”

Alexis to City in doubt?

Finally, we go to the Emirates with the news that striker Alexis Sanchez’s touted move to Manchester City may be in doubt after the Chilean star found out that Pep Guardiola only “kind of likes” dogs.

According to Arsenal sources, the former Barcelona forward had been interested in a move to the Etihad before making the horrifying discovery.

“Alexis is shocked and saddened at this recent development. He had been excited at the prospect of a move but is reconsidering everything right now,” said the source.

At press time, Sanchez was reportedly breaking the news to his dogs, Atom and Humber, and insisting that while Pep may not love them, he most certainly does.