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01st Dec 2017

Joe Rogan on what could be Conor McGregor’s last three fights before retiring

"A huge MMA fight. F***ing huge!"

Patrick McCarry

Get through these three fights in relatively good nick and Conor McGregor could walk away a ludicrously wealthy, and healthy, man.

McGregor has always stated that he would get in and get out of the fight game quick. He would not be stalking and strutting around in his late 30s and early 40s. He would come in, take over and leave in good shape.

Earlier this year, however, to told an audience at ‘At Evening with Conor McGregor’ that he had taken relatively little damage in his fighting career and that he could continue in MMA for several years.

On Wednesday, UFC president Dana White generated a buzz when he admitted he was not sure if ‘The Notorious’ would ever fight again. Sure, he argued, the promotion wants their lightweight champion back but McGregor has made so much money in the past four years that he could comfortably step back from competitive action.

Still, the offers keep coming…

UFC commentator Joe Rogan admits anything is possible in life and particularly so where McGregor is involved. However, he believes the most logical decision, from a sporting, financial and legacy point of view, is for McGregor to return to MMA.

On The Joe Rogan Experience, he laid out a path for what could well be the final three fights of McGregor’s career, ending with the completion of a trilogy with Nate Diaz. Rogan said:

“[Interim lightweight champion] Tony Ferguson is the right move, as far as for the fans. I don’t think that [Manny Pacquaio fight] is smart. If he wants to do a boxing match, the real smart move would be to fight an MMA fight, then a boxing match in a year.

“A Khabib Nurmagomedov fight? You really have to see Khabib fight somebody else first. The Nate Diaz fight? Although it could be huge, Nate’s not really fighting anyone right now.

“What I would like right now is that if Nate comes back, fights someone and wins, and then Conor comes back, fights someone and wins – then Conor has a boxing match – then they have a HUGE MMA FIGHT. F***ING HUGE!

“God damn it. I mean 3 million pay per view buys huge. Gigantic.”

Rogan feels McGregor may not even have to defeat Ferguson and defend his belt to maintain his support, drawing power and momentum. A closely fought lose to ‘El Cucuy’ could ensure the Dubliner remains as relevant as ever in the MMA world and even buy him time to go off and box the likes of Pacquaio or Paulie Mallinaggi.

We know McGregor will not go on forever but that trio of fights would certainly be one hell of a way to go out, and earn a bundle of cash on the way.