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03rd Apr 2017

Joe Rogan best watch his back as Snoop Dogg is brilliantly breaking down fights ahead of UFC 210

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Darragh Murphy

Snoop Dogg talking about UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier is about to make your day.

We already knew that the Doggfather is a huge fan of mixed martial arts. Who could possibly forget his spot-on play-by-play of Khabib Nurmagomedov’s demolition job against Michael Johnson at UFC 205?

While he may not have heard of Nurmagomedov prior to last November’s card, he was quickly won over by the undefeated Russian and how he was “putting his nuts in his face and all kinds of shit.”

And it was cutting edge insight like that that persuaded the UFC to get Snoop on board in an official capacity to hype up the upcoming title fight of Nurmagomedov’s AKA teammate, Daniel Cormier.

Cormier defends his 205lbs strap against Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson at UFC 210 this weekend and nobody is more excited about the rematch than the artist formerly and briefly known as Snoop Lion.

Snoop sat down to talk us uneducated fight fans through some of Cormier’s highlights and it’s guaranteed to provide a chuckle or two as he discovers in real time that UFC fighters are indeed allowed to trip one another.

Joe Rogan better keep one eye over his shoulder because Snoop is coming for that microphone.