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05th Nov 2018

The JOE Monday Football Quiz: Week 12

Kyle Picknell

You have a late substitute host for the Monday Football Quiz this week

Which is why you’ll notice that the questions have gone a bit continental.

You’ll be dipping your toes into the weekend’s action from La Liga, Seria A, the Eredivisie and even the J-League in this week’s quiz, along with the usual few questions from the Barclays Premier League.

To finish off, there’s a five-question round on the Champions League finals of yesteryear, where you’ll have to cast your mind back as far as 2003’s showdown between Juventus and AC Milan. (But no further, do not be scared millenials.)

There are 15 points in total on offer, anything less than 10 and you will have to send me a formal letter of apology explaining, in depth, the reasons for your failure.

I look forward to reading*.

*immediately throwing them in the bin in disgust.