Jobseeker uses fantasy league team as his CV 6 years ago

Jobseeker uses fantasy league team as his CV

Plenty of us spend hours working on our fantasy football teams, but not many would boast their selection on a CV.

Recent graduate Jarrett Cundy has picked players who represent his strength in the workplace, although some are more tenuous than others.


The team has been included in his applications for a variety of engineering jobs, according to the Daily Mirror, while the CV also details his achievements on Football Manager.


He compares himself to Petr Cech ("A safe pair of hands"), James Milner ("Solid, reliable and working for the full 8 hours"), and John Terry ("Not afraid to cross the odd bridge").


Even if he doesn't get the engineering job he's after, we imagine a couple of opportunities will come up in the Premier League before too long.

We might need to add a new entry to our Five Types of Fantasy Football Player.