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16th Apr 2017

Jimmy Bullard’s team beat non-league rivals and take the piss out of their pre-game ritual

Non-league football, world class b*nter

Robert Redmond

Non-league football, world class b*nter.

Billericay Town’s pre-game ritual went viral last week.

The non-league side, who signed former Premier League players Paul Konchesky and Jamie O’Hara, were filmed singing R Kelly song The World’s Greatest in the dressing room ahead of a cup final.

Depending on your view, it was either a clever team bonding exercise, or very embarrassing. That being said, it’s difficult not to cringe when the team’s manager Glenn Tamplin shouts ‘close your eyes’ to the players.

But Billericay went on to win 8-3, so it didn’t do their performance any harm.

However, the team did leave themselves open to ridicule and, unfortunately for them, the fixture following the video going viral was against Jimmy Bullard’s Leatherhead.

Bullard, who played for Fulham and Hull City, is the manager of the team in the seventh tier of English football. He masterminded a 3-2 win over Billericay on Saturday and immediately mocked their pre-game ritual.

Leatherhead’s players sing the R Kelly song, and bang on the dressing room walls, ensuring Billericay hear them.


Jimmy Bullard