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15th Jan 2018

WATCH: Jeremy Stephens absolutely levels Doo Ho Choi with ferocious knockout

Who da fook is dat guy?

Ben Kiely

That’s who the fuck Jeremy Stephens is.

To the wider world, Jeremy Stephens is a meme, but fight fans know him as a warrior. In UFC St Louis’ main event, he reminded everyone ‘who da fook that guy’ actually is.

His fight against promising prospect Doo Ho Choi more than delivered on the hype. Both men were content to stay standing as a striking battle ensued from the get-go. ‘The Korean Superboy’ worked his kicks and managed to avoid the whiffing haymakers early.

Choi started very strong in the second, staggering his adversary with a front kick in the round’s opening seconds. However, this only appeared to inspire Stephens to exact some revenge. He went out for blood and they pair began trading heavy shots. Stephens’ 11-year UFC experienced really shone against the youngster though, as he timed a huge overhand right to perfection. Only the MMA gods know how Choi remained standing.

However, he only stayed upright long enough to be dropped by another forceful right hand. Once Choi hit the deck, Stephens began pounding away with vicious punches until the referee had seen enough. The referee awarded him the TKO victory at 2:36 of round two.

In his Octagon interview, Stephens’ followed Darren Elkins’ lead of calling out Brian Ortega. After knocking one promising prospect off his list, ‘Lil Heathen’ wants another to thrust himself into the tile frame.

“Brian Ortega, where’s he at? I know he had a big win. I just want to fight whoever is in front of me.”

Stephens improved his record to (27-14) with his 20th career stoppage victory on Monday morning. Choi (14-3), on the other hand, has now lost two on the trot following his 2016 fight of year against Cub Swanson.