Jeff Stelling will not let his beloved Hartlepool suffer administration 4 years ago

Jeff Stelling will not let his beloved Hartlepool suffer administration

Jeff Stelling's relationship with Hartlepool United has become something of a soap opera in recent times.

The raw emotion displayed by Stelling while delivering goal updates from his beloved team on Soccer Saturday has made for some of the most compelling television over the years.


And while several supporters' true colours are often shown during their clubs' times of trouble, Stelling can never be accused of shying away when Hartlepool are in need.

The National League side are currently in danger of entering administration but a crowd-funding appeal has been set up to raise money to pay the wages of players and staff, as well as other costs believed to total a required £200,000.


The likes of ex-Hartlepool player Danny Graham, now at Blackburn, have donated to the club's cause and Stelling has pledged his financial support to ensure that administration is avoided, admitting that he's spoken to a potential investor.

"I'm in early discussions, shall we say," Stelling told BBC Tees.

"[One] I believe is a genuine investor in the football club, who is willing to put significant amounts in and may yet step forward and save the day.

"We'll get the £200,000 and then we have a new investor or the Supporters Trust, I will certainly show the colour of my money at that stage because that is when we're going to need it.


"The Supporters Trust are set to hopefully step in should they be required, should no investor come forward with sufficient funds to take the club on.

"The Trust are prepared to go on and run the football club and I'll be part of that, if no investor is found."