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14th Mar 2017

Javier Hernandez pays visit to the barber as he honours Super Bowl bet

A new look

Darragh Murphy

It’s not like he had a Fellaini-esque afro to lose but, still, fair play to Javier Hernandez for staying true to his word.

The Bayer Leverkusen forward has finally gone through with his forfeit after betting on the Atlanta Falcons to win last month’s Super Bowl.

The epic New England Patriots comeback has been well documented, with Tom Brady guiding his side to an overtime victory via 31 unanswered points.

Professional gambler, ‘Vegas Dave’, missed out on a massive payday thanks to the comeback while Canadian tennis star Eugenie Bouchard stayed true to her in-play wager by taking a student on a date after the Patriots’ triumph.

And now ‘Chicharito’ has followed through on his own forfeit after losing a bet with ESPN presenter Sergio Dipp.

Hernandez felt the upset was on for the Falcons but picked wrongly and, well, now he’s bald.

“People from Jalisco don’t back down,” the former Manchester United striker wrote on Twitter with a video displaying his new look.

He’s never looked more like a little pea.