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28th Mar 2017

Jamie Carragher wasn’t the only one impressed with the new technology on show in France vs. Spain

"The future of football!"

Darragh Murphy

Expect to see video referees used at next year’s World Cup, that’s all we’re saying.

The new technology, aimed at improving the accuracy of officials’ decisions proved a spectacular success during the latest trial on Tuesday night.

The linesman was unsure of himself as France forward Antoine Griezmann powered a header into the back of the Spanish net at the start of the second half of their international friendly.

Detractors of the proposed new technology suggested that consulting video assistants for clarification on calls would slow down the game but that argument was disproven as Griezmann had barely returned to his own half before confirmation came from the video referee that the goal should be disallowed.

As noted by the ITV commentary team, referees are able to consult with their video assistants about goals, penalty calls, scenarios in which red cards may be required and for clarity on a player’s identity.

Upon closer examination, it became clear that a French player was stood in an offside position when the initial ball was played into the box and Griezmann’s goal was chalked off.

It was the correct call.

It was quick.

And it’s looking like something we’re all going to have to get used to moving forward.

The experts loved it.

The fans were impressed.

While punters who had bet on Antoine Griezmann to score first were left cursing the new technology.