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17th Dec 2016

Jamie Carragher names Jurgen Klopp ‘Man of the Week’ after he criticises the Neville brothers

Mischief maker

Nooruddean Choudry

The cheek!

There is clearly a mutual respect and admiration between Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher. They may have conflicting footballing allegiances and a history of on-pitch conflict, but since entering the world of television punditry they’ve obviously developed a professional bond and personal friendship.

And of course, a key element of being mates is taking the piss out of each other. Following a week in which both Gary and his brother Phil were reprimanded by Jurgen Klopp for their comments about Liverpool goalkeeper Loris Karius, Carragher has decided to name him ‘Man of the Week‘!

In fairness to Carragher, his decision is based largely on the Anfield boss deciding to drop Karius against Middlesbrough and take him out of the firing line, but he did enjoy the fact that Klopp specifically went after the Neville brothers – despite the fact that he himself had also criticised the keeper…

“He started the week defending Loris Karius and then attacked the Neville brothers. Given the fact I had heavily criticised Karius twice and Gary and Phil did it once apiece, it made the attack (which he now says was in jest) even better!

“I desperately hope the same thing happens against Everton. Apart from my footballing loyalties, we always get the winning manager to do an interview with the studio on Sky’s Monday Night Football, so another Liverpool victory will mean Jurgen gets a second chance to go on the attack with Gary!”

We can’t wait.