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08th Oct 2018

Jamie Carragher spotted what Liverpool’s goalkeeping coach did before Mahrez penalty

John Achterberg has come in for plenty of praise

Darragh Murphy

John Achterberg knew what Riyad Mahrez wanted to do.

Mahrez had an incredible chance to score a late winner on Sunday but the Manchester City winger could only blaze his penalty over the bar, meaning spoils were shared at Anfield.

With Sergio Aguero substituted, Mahrez took over spot-kick duties and while Gabriel Jesus was eager to take the penalty, the Algerian was adamant.

But Mahrez’s confidence didn’t translate to his strike as he belted the ball into stand behind Alisson’s goal.

“He was taking them really well in training all week,” John Stones said of his teammate.

“Those sorts of moments can go both ways in games.

“He’s deflated. If it was me, I’d be the same. How he’s played today, he gave everything and that’s important. He missed but those things happen.”

Alisson didn’t have to worry about saving the penalty in the end but, interestingly, he was told exactly where Mahrez was trying to place his shot.

Reds goalkeeping coach John Achterberg predicted that Mahrez would aim for the top left corner and Sky Sports commentator Jamie Carragher spotted Achterberg shouting advice from the dugout.

Achterberg got Alisson’s attention and so as to avoid confusion, turned to face in the same direction as the Brazilian stopper before holding his hand up

“When I was up there doing commentary, I could see the goalkeeping coach John Achterberg,” Carragher said.

“You can see what he’s telling him. Obviously if you’re facing then it’s top right.

“He goes exactly there and the ‘keeper dives that way and look at the reaction. That’s the work they have to do, the analysis of penalty-takers.”