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29th May 2017

Jamie Carragher apologises after his Twitter feud with Danny Simpson gets personal

"Another reminder to never lose your temper on social media"

Robert Redmond

Jamie Carragher’s Twitter feud with Danny Simpson may have just ended.

Carragher and the Leicester City full-back have been involved in a back and forth on Twitter in recent months.

It all began when the former Liverpool defender criticised the Leicester players for their dramatic return to form following the dismissal of Claudio Ranieri.

The Foxes’ title winning manager had reportedly fell out with senior players at the club before he was sacked in February, and Carragher wasn’t impressed with their miraculous upturn in form.

Simpson seemingly wasn’t impressed with Carragher’s criticism, and took his chance to land a dig when Carragher was pictured training in Everton gear for a Sky Sports segment with Romelu Lukaku.

Carragher hit back.

And Simpson used the oldest joke going about any Liverpool player of the last 25 years.

The beef between the pair settled down for a while – until Carragher tweeted this humorous photo on Sunday evening.

Simpson took stock, and waited a full day to hit back.

And once again went for the old, ‘I won the Premier League, but you didn’t’ joke. Classic.

Carragher hit back.

And Simpson made it personal. He would later delete the tweet.

Carragher’s response referenced Simpson’s conviction for assault in 2015, but the former Liverpool defender would delete the tweet within minutes of posting it.

Carragher apologised for getting personal, but said “a line was crossed” by Simpson.

And the Leicester defender also apologised.

This is probably the last we’ll see of this Twitter feud.