James Maddison praised for 'honest, refreshing' post match interview 1 month ago

James Maddison praised for 'honest, refreshing' post match interview

A breath of fresh air

James Maddison helped guide Leicester to a 2-0 victory over Chelsea on Tuesday night with a performance that got everyone talking about him, just as he wants it.

But it was not just his calm finish in front of goal that diverted attention away from yet another Chelsea loss - his post-match interview attracted just as much praise for its refreshing honesty.

Many footballers are shy. Maddison isn't. But even the not so shy players can often come across as dull or robotic in interviews because the clubs who have nurtured them have trained them to say loads without saying anything. Yeah, pleased with the goal, of course, but the most important thing is the three points. One game at a time, Blah. Blah. Blah.

Not the case with Madders.

Speaking to Sky's Geoff Shreeves after the game at the King Power, Maddison did the usual thing of praising how hard his teammates worked, as any player must legally do after a win. But he also showed some personality and revealed some insight that felt like a rare treat.

Speaking about the tactics used against Chelsea he told Shreeves that Brendan Rodgers tweaked their system a little at half-time: "We work hard every time on stifling the opposition and their threats. Credit to the manager as well, we had a little switch at half-time to go to a 4-4-2 out of possession, 4-3-3 in possession still."

The England international also said that Jamie Carragher's analysis prompted a conversation between himself, Rodgers and 'Jack the analyst' - "he'll be buzzing I named dropped him" - about how to get his numbers up.

Maddison came across assured, cocky in the best way, and yet somehow also humble. And fans of pretty much every team loved it. Watch it. Now.

"Such a great an interview end very refreshing to see players speak naturally rather than roll off the usual media training scripted, coached drivel," wrote one Twitter user.

Philippe Auclair called Maddison: "Fresh, bright, cocky in the best possible way. Lovely."