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06th Aug 2022

Jake Paul offers to fight KSI in London after reports Brit’s upcoming bout is off

Charlie Herbert

Jake Paul challenges KSI to fight later this month

‘This puts KSI into a corner’

Jake Paul has challenged KSI to a boxing match in London later this month after reports emerged that the British fighter’s upcoming fight with Alex Wassabi will be called off.

At the moment, KSI is scheduled to face Wassabi at the O2 Arena on August 27.

But according to reports, Wassabi has suffered a concussion and is therefore not cleared to take part in the bout.

It would have been KSI’s first fight since he defeated Logan Paul in 2019.

In a twist though, Logan’s younger brother Jake has laid down the gauntlet to the British YouTuber and offered to step in and replace Wassabi, at the same venue and on the same date.

Jake Paul was due to fight Hasim Rahman Jr at Madison Square Garden on Saturday (August 6) but this was cancelled just a week before after a disagreement over the weight class.

So, seeing an opportunity for a mutually beneficial arrangement, Paul had a message for KSI.

“Heard that Alex is out bc of a concussion,” he tweeted.

“F****d up. This was a big opportunity for Alex. He will be back. KSI… everything happens for a reason. I’ll come fight in your hometown. Your boxing company. You are A-Side.

He added that he would “agree to make 180 pounds for August 27.”

In a video alongside the message, the YouTuber said the cancellation of the Alex Wassabi fight “puts KSI into a corner” and that if he “doesn’t accept the fight with me we all just know that he’s scared.”

But if his follow-up tweet is anything to go by, it doesn’t seem like Paul is confident KSI will accept his challenge…


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