Jack Wilshere has hilarious response to England snub 2 years ago

Jack Wilshere has hilarious response to England snub

If he's proved anything, anything at all, it's that he can meme with the best of us.

Jack Wilshere didn't make the England squad, you might have heard. Arsenal fans weren't happy about it, you might have heard. Jack Wilshere is going on the lash instead, you also might have heard. From Jack Wilshere himself no less.

Whilst he remains an Ander Herrera-esque player, capable of brilliance and shithousery in equal measure, the one thing he does boast is a sense of humour. That's right: Jack Wilshere has the basic qualities of a half-decent human being. Who would have thought?

Ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes on this absolute work of art.

I know it's impossible now, I know it can't be done, but get this man on the plane, get Jonjo Shelvey on the plane, get Joe Hart on the plane, get Crouchy on the plane, get Gazza on the plane, manning the trolley down the aisle, and let's just all have a bloody good laugh shall we? Who cares about beating Tunisia and Panama and Belgium anyway?

Let Jacky Boy and Jonjo lead us on the tear-up, and let's never pretend we're going to win an international football tournament again.