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21st Dec 2016

Jack Grealish laughs off “you’re just a sh*t Joey Essex” chant at QPR

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Darragh Murphy

Sometimes a piss-taking chant is so brilliantly stupid that players have no option but to applaud it.

There’s quite literally not a more polarising figure in the Championship than Aston Villa winger Jack Grealish.

He gets plenty of love for his flashes of brilliance, however seldom seen. But, conversely, he gets a fair bit of stick for his inconsistency.

But most of the hate he gets comes from that dodgy haircut of his.

With his barnet selection, what we’re reliably told is called a slicked back pompadour with a bald fade, he would have anticipated the abuse that regularly pours down on him from the terraces.

Tottenham Hotspur v Aston Villa - Premier League

We don’t think he’s ever heard this creative little number before though.

An unused substitute during Villa’s 1-0 victory over QPR at Loftus Road on Sunday, Grealish spent much of the game warming up and was treated to a rousing rendition of “You’re just a shit Joey Essex!” by one excited QPR fan.

In fairness to Grealish, who still feels the full force of unhappy Irish fans every time he posts on social media, he took the ribbing in good humour as he chuckled along with the comparison.

As the same fan requested some bit of acknowledgement from Grealish, he got it in the form of a friendly wave.

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