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31st Aug 2016

Daniel Sturridge rumours show Arsenal fans have reached peak deadline day

Go home Deadline Day, you’re drunk.

Kevin Beirne

Arsenal transfers are like buses, you wait for one for ages and then they all come at once and no one’s really all that happy about them either but at least they’re better value than the competitors.

After not adding any new reinforcements since youngster Rob Holding over a month ago, the Gunners announced the signings of Spanish striker Lucas Perez and German defender Shkodran Mustafi on the same day for a combined outlay of nearly £50m.

But that was yesterday. And today is the day. As in the day. It’s TRANSFER BLOODY DEADLINE DAY™ and even if you’ve already dropped around £88m on players this summer, everyone knows that you have to make a signing today or run the risk of being haunted by the ghost of Jim White’s dignity.

The Premier League may have spent more than £1 billion on transfers this summer, but enough is never quite enough – especially for a fanbase like Arsenal’s.

While you might think that the signing of the relatively unknown Lucas Perez would quench Arsenal fans’ collective thirst for a new striker, it has only made them greedier. And so the collective hivemind have decided that the club are in for another forward. More specifically, the great groupthink has decided that Arsene Wenger is doing all he can do tempt Daniel Sturridge to the Emirates.

It makes sense when you think about it.

An often injured but talented English striker who finds himself out of favour at one of England’s most historically successful clubs? It’s a perfect sequel to the Danny Welbeck transfer of a few years back.

And from Sturridge’s point of view, it would tick off another box on his merry-go-round of the Premier League’s top clubs, having spent time at Manchester City and Chelsea before Liverpool. All he’d need would be to sign for Manchester United on a free in a few years and he’d have the full set.

Arsenal fans are trying to come to terms with the deal that is definitely going ahead and not just the result of a single ‘ITK’ Twitter account saying the Gunners were interested in a Premier League striker without even naming Sturridge specifically.

Not everyone has faith in the Englishman to survive the move.

And it’s possible some fans wouldn’t make it either.

Some are just enjoying the ride.

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