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09th Jun 2019

Italy’s Nicolo Barella accidentally smashes ball at ballboy’s head

Simon Lloyd

Thankfully, the youngster was back on his feet almost immediately

Nicolo Barella had a night to remember in Athens on Saturday.

Not only did he net the opening goal for Italy in their Euro 2020 qualifier away in Greece, he also nearly inadvertently knocked a child’s head off.

Prior to scoring, the 22-year-old Cagliari midfielder had attempted a cross in the Greek penalty area. Blocked by a defender, the ball had rebounded out of play off his own shins for a goal kick.

Frustrated by this, he attempted to blast the ball into a nearby advertising hoarding. Unfortunately, his aim was slightly off. The ball flew over the sidings, striking one of two ballboys standing a matter of yards away.

The ballboy stumbles backwards but, seemingly unscathed, is already on his way back to his feet as Barella makes his way over to apologise.

Barella is one of the most highly rated young players in Italy at the moment. As well as forcing his way into the national side, he has also been linked with a move to Inter Milan in recent weeks.