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10th Jul 2016

It looks like France already have a Euro 2016 victory bus prepared

Premature celebration?

Tom Victor

If anyone should be wary of counting their chickens before they’re hatched, it’s a football team with an actual rooster on its badge.

It seems, however, that the French football team don’t believe in the concept of jinxing oneself.

A video has surfaced on Twitter, showing a victory bus adorned with the French Football Federation logo and the words ‘Champions d’Europe’ (that’s ‘Champions of Europe’, for the less bilingual among us).

France, of course, have the small matter of a final against Portugal to play before they can be crowned Champions d’Europe. But hey, it never hurts to be prepared.

We’d thought initially that it might just be a victory bus to be used by either France or Portugal – it makes sense for it to all be in French, given the location of the tournament.

But then we saw the logo.

Let’s just pretend it’s supposed to act as motivation for Paul Pogba, Antoine Griezmann and co.

We can just picture Didier Deschamps’ pre-match pep-talk now:

“Come on lads, you’ve all seen that victory bus. We’ll look really, really stupid if we lose now.”

Well, he’d probably say it in French, but you get the picture.