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24th Jan 2020

Is Ole Gunnar Solskjaer the worst manager in the league?

Wayne Farry

Would you take Ole over any other manager in the league?

Things are not currently going well for one Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. The manager of Manchester United has the worst win percentage in the club’s modern history since he was permanently appointed last year, and recently broke yet another record, when his side lost at home to Burnley for the first time since before the days of George Best.

While the Norwegian optimist loves to look on the bright side of life in moments of darkness, there are only so many times that one can insist that progress is being made after yet another dismal performance and result.

As pressure builds on him, from fans if not the board, we decided that the time was right to ask a question that is increasingly on the lips of many football fans: is he the worst manager in the Premier League?

On the surface the answer is yes. He has one of the most expensive squads going and his side are currently closer on points to 19th place than they are to third.

In the first episode of JOE’s new show Football Trending, Reuben Pinder and Kyle Picknell discussed whether the former Cardiff coach is the worst in the league and which coaches they’d take over him.