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13th Nov 2015

IAAF vote to suspend Russia

Simon Lloyd

After it was claimed that Russia has been involved in ‘state-sponsored’ doping of athletes, the IAAF have voted to provisionally suspend the country.

The IAAF has taken action after the publication of an independent WADA report was published earlier in the week.

23 of its council members voted on the matter, with an overwhelming majority of 22 voting in favour of the ban.

IAAF President Lord Coe indicated that it was essential that a strong message was sent out over the matter.

“The message could not be stronger. This has been a shameful wake-up call.”

“It is entirely up to Russia to make changes,” he added.

Lord Coe was clear to state that the suspension was a result of failings inside the IAAF as well as the problems from Russia.

“We are clear that cheating at any level will not be tolerated. The whole system has failed the athletes, not just in Russia, but around the world.”

The suspension means that Russian athletes will not be able to compete in athletics competitions such as the Rio Olympics in 2016 and other World Athletic Series events.

The ban also means that the country loses the right to host events, such as the World Junior Championships which were scheduled for Kazan in 2016.

Although the ban is now in place, if certain “changes” are made by Russia, it is thought they will be reinstated.