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19th Jan 2020

How will Liverpool’s new Nike shirts look next season?

Wayne Farry

It’s the first time Liverpool kits will be made by Nike

Liverpool announced recently that their kits will be made from Nike from the 2020/21 season onwards after the club’s agreement with New Balance was ended.

It’s the first time that the Reds’ kits will be manufactured by Nike, after a number of years with New Balance, and, previously, Warrior, adidas and Reebok.

Currently Nike make kits for three Premier League sides, Chelsea, Spurs and Brighton, and have previously made kits for Manchester United, Arsenal, Manchester City and Everton, among others.

The manufacturer’s efforts with Chelsea and Spurs may give some indication of what is in store for Liverpool’s kits next season but we still can’t be sure what it’s going to look like, so we travelled down to the Classic Football Shirts shop in London to speak to some experts and find out.

Looking at some of the most popular Liverpool shirts, the most iconic Nike designs, and the American brand’s more recent innovations, we put together what we believe would be the ideal Liverpool home shirt next season.